Accredited Interscholastic Coach
The coach must complete the following courses:
  • NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
  • Concussion in Sports - What You Need To Know
  • NFHS First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches or its equivalent within the last three years

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    • Exemptions for first aid
    • Current Athletic Training (certified or licensed in your state)
    • Current Instructor in American Red Cross Sport Safety Training
    • Current Instructor in ASEP Sport First Aid

    • Eligible sport first-aid courses completed within the last three (3) years.
    • NFHS First Aid for Coaches (American Red Cross/USOC)
    • PREPARE (National Center for Sports Safety)
    • ASEP Sport First Aid
    • Sport Safety Training (American Red Cross)
    • Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid (American Red Cross)
    • KMA/KHSAA Sports Safety Course (Kentucky)
    • MHSAA CAP 1 Module 3 Sports Medicine (Michigan)
    • Fairfax County Sport First Aid (Virginia)
    • American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid

    **College courses will not be accepted unless it resulted in a certification from the American Red Cross in Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid.

    **CPR training does not qualify as an eligible first aid course. You must have one of the first aid courses listed above to be eligible for NFHS Coach Certification.

  • Fundamentals of Coaching Sport-specific course or Teaching Sport Skills course

Cost of Certification
Only $10 for processing and "print-your-own" certificate!
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