Rebuilt to get you ready for kickoff. Complete the four courses below to step up to the standard, meet player and parent expectations and earn the USA Football High School Tackling & Contact Certification.

USA Football's High School Tackling & Contact Certification is part of the sport's most comprehensive high school player safety programs.

Made up of four courses, this rebuilt certification teaches concussion recognition & response; heat preparedness & hydration; sudden cardiac arrest; and proper equipment fitting, shoulder tackling, blocking and defeating blocks techniques.

New Materials: Tackling & Contact Course

  • Rebuilt to Get You Ready for Kickoff
  • Updated Levels of Contact Section
  • New Prep for Contact Materials
  • Intro to Blocking, Defeating Blocks, Shoulder Tackling & Equipment Fitting

Additional free and premium materials to help you develop proven techniques for blocking, defeating blocks and shoulder tackling can be found on

This certification is rebuilt to get you ready for kickoff and replaces the Heads Up Football Certification.

To complete the High School Tackling & Contact Certification, each coach must complete the four online courses below.

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